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Please note All Registry Offices will be CLOSED on the 2nd Sunday of every month due to mandatory Government system upgrades. Our regular hours resume on Monday!

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Alberta Fine Payments

Fine Payments

Quick and Easy Fine Payments in Edmonton

Dealing with fines can be a hassle. When you bring in your ID and citation to Registrations Are Us, we can quickly process the payment for you. Whether you’ve received a traffic ticket, a parking violation, or another type of fine, we’re here to help you resolve your payment efficiently.

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What you need to pay your fine in person

When you come to pay your fine, remember to bring:

You can pay for the following tickets in person:

  • Traffic violations.
  • Parking tickets. Only certain parking tickets can be paid at a Registry office. The back of your ticket will state where you can pay.
  • Photo radar tickets. Photo radar can be issued on either yellow or white Part 3 Offence Notices.

We offer a range of payment options to meet your preferences, including credit card or debit card. As soon as your payment is processed, you’ll receive an instant confirmation of the transaction. This provides you with peace of mind, knowing that your payment has been successfully made and recorded.

Need more information? Contact us at : 780-448-2233

Need to renew your vehicle registration?

In Alberta, you’ll need to pay for outstanding traffic fines, parking tickets, and photo radar tickets before renewing your vehicle registration. We can take care of all processes at Registrations Are us to ensure that your fines are handled before you renew your registration.

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Questions? We have answers!

Our friendly team is here to guide you in handling any unpaid fine, conveniently allowing you to address them while you’re here for other registry services. This streamlined process makes multitasking easier.

Need more information? Contact us at : 780-448-2233

Overdue tickets are typically charged a late fee. At Registrations Are us, we can process the payment, late fees, and processing fees.

Failing to pay fines within the specified timeframe can result in additional penalties, such as increased fines, license suspensions, or other legal consequences. In Alberta, you won’t be able to renew your vehicle registration and access other operator services until your fines are paid.

It’s important to address fines promptly to avoid accumulating further complications. If you’re facing difficulties paying your fine, consider reaching out to the issuing authority to discuss possible alternatives.

If covering your ticket’s cost is a challenge, alternative solutions are available. The Fine Option Program allows you to offset your fine by completing designated work rather than a direct financial payment. To gather additional information, get in touch with the Resolution and Court Administration Services at 1-855-738-4747.

Yes, you can contest or challenge a fine if you believe it was issued in error or you have valid reasons to dispute it. The process for challenging fines varies depending on the type of fine and the issuing authority. Generally, you’ll need to follow the instructions on the fine notice to initiate the dispute resolution process.

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