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Registry Services

Open 7 days a week | Open until 8pm Monday-Friday

All Registry Offices will be CLOSED on the 2nd Sunday of every month due to mandatory Government system upgrades.

16658 109 Ave NW‎, Edmonton Alberta | Get Directions

Your registration is due the month of September if your last name starts with F, T or Po

Call: 780-448-2233

Customer Focused

Registration Services in Edmonton

At Registrations Are Us, our convenient hours and location ensure a seamless and efficient process for all your registration needs. Our long-standing reputation with the community means you can expect a knowledgeable team, excellent customer service, and a friendly experience.

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Drivers Licenses & Testing Services

Alberta offers comprehensive driver’s License and testing services to individuals seeking licenses, renewals, and endorsements. These services include road tests, knowledge tests, and License upgrades, ensuring safe and competent drivers on the road.

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Motor Vehicle Services

Motor vehicle services in Alberta encompass vehicle registrations, transfers, renewals, and special permits. These services facilitate legal ownership, proper documentation, and compliance with regulations for all types of vehicles, from cars to motorcycles.

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Corporate & Business Services

Our corporate and business registry services provide assistance with business incorporation, name changes, annual returns, and related transactions. These services help business owners establish and manage their businesses within the province.

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Personal Property Services

Alberta’s Personal Property Registry (PPR) offers services to record security interests, liens, and encumbrances against personal property. These services provide transparency and clarity for financial transactions and obligations involving movable assets.

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Alberta Health Services

Alberta Health Services encompass a range of medical, dental, and healthcare-related services. From hospitals and clinics to public health initiatives, these services prioritize the well-being and health of Alberta’s residents.

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Online Searches

Alberta provides online search services that allow individuals and businesses to access public information related to corporate searches and personal property liens. These online tools enhance convenience and accessibility for various transactions and inquiries.

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Additional Services

Looking to apply for an Alberta Raffle Ticket License or a Commissioner for Oaths? Explore our additional registry services for more information. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

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