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Dive into our articles for the latest updates, insights, and tips on licensing and registrations. Whether you have questions about becoming a licensed driver or need more information about business registrations, you’ll find answers in the Registrations Are Us blog.

Personal Property Lien Searches
Different Types of Personal Property Lien Searches in Alberta

A lien search can help you determine if someone has a legal claim against a property in Alberta. You may want to search your own property if you’re suspicious that someone’s placed a... Read more

Incorporate A Business in Alberta
How to Incorporate Your Business in Alberta

Incorporating your business is an important step that protects your personal assets and can help legitimize your business. As the head of an incorporated business, creditors who’ve loaned money to your business can’t... Read more

Drivers License Renewal
Alberta Driver’s License Renewal: How Soon Can You Act?

Depending on the class of your license, as well as your age and medical status, your Alberta driver’s license may be up for renewal every one to five years. It’s important to pay... Read more

Rental Car for Your Road Test
Need a Rental Car for Your Road Test? We’ve Got You Covered

You’ve finished a driving course, you’ve been practicing hard, and now, you’re ready for your road test. It’s an exciting time in any person’s life—a time that’s filled with wonder and possibility. But... Read more

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