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Alberta Vehicle Registration Renewal

Registration Renewal

Renew Your Vehicle Registration in Alberta

In Alberta, driving with an expired vehicle registration is illegal and can lead to hefty fines. You can renew your vehicle registration online or in person. At Registrations Are Us, we help simplify the renewal process and ensure that your information is accurate, up-to-date, and complete.

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What you need to renew your vehicle registration

Before renewing your vehicle registration, make sure your insurance is up to date. Your insurance must provide public liability and property damage coverage under an owner’s automobile insurance policy, as provided for in the Alberta Insurance Act. It is an offence punishable by law to apply for or obtain registration of a motor vehicle when it is not insured, or to operate an uninsured vehicle.

To renew your vehicle registration in Alberta, you’ll need:

Need more information? Contact us at : 780-448-2233

Sign up for renewal reminders

The Alberta Government no longer mails out reminders when your vehicle registration expiry date is approaching. Stay on top of your vehicle renewal by signing up for an email or text reminder that will notify you 2 months before and again 2 weeks before your registration expiry date.

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Questions? We have answers!

Most vehicle registration renewals are straightforward. If you have a more complex renewal, visit our location, and we can help. Whether you’re changing your name, address, or transferring your registration, our team will make sure you have the information you need to make your vehicle registration renewal a smooth and seamless experience.

Need more information? Contact us at : 780-448-2233 or Renew Online Registration

Renewing your vehicle registration in Alberta can be done through Registrations Are Us. You can renew online or in person at our office. Online renewal requires your current registration, valid insurance, and a credit card. In-person renewals require your most current registration, proof of insurance, and payment.

You will need to clear any outstanding fines or penalties before renewing your vehicle registration in Alberta. Unresolved fines, such as traffic tickets, can prevent the renewal process. It’s advisable to address these issues promptly to ensure a smooth renewal experience and avoid potential complications.

To get the expiry month of your vehicle(s), find the first two letters of your last name or company’s name on the right side of the table below; the expiry month is to the left.

January – A (not Av), I, J, Ke, U, X, or Company #
February – M (not Me) or Q
March – B (not Be) or Y
April – D or G (not Gr)
May – C (not Cl) or N
June – Cl, H or Sc
July – Av, Be, L, Sz, V or Z
August – E, Gr or R
September – F, Po or T
October – S (not Sc or Sz)
November – K or P (not Ke or Po)
December – Me, O or W

No, you cannot renew your vehicle registration in Alberta if your insurance has expired. Valid proof of auto insurance is a requirement for renewing your registration. Ensure that your insurance coverage is current before initiating the renewal process. If your insurance has lapsed, you will need to obtain valid insurance before proceeding with the renewal.

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