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Please note All Registry Offices will be CLOSED on the 2nd Sunday of every month due to mandatory Government system upgrades. Our regular hours resume on Monday!

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Motor Vehicle Registration Services

Motor Vehicle Services

Registration Services in Edmonton

Whether you need to register a new vehicle, transfer a registration, or are looking for License plate services and more, we can help. Our team will make sure you have everything you need so you can hit the road with confidence.

Car Parking

Alberta Disabled Parking Placards

Alberta offers disabled parking placards for individuals with mobility challenges. These placards provide convenient access to designated parking spaces and require application completed by a medical professional.

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Duplicate Alberta Vehicle Registration

Obtaining a duplicate Alberta vehicle registration involves visiting a registry office, providing identification, and completing the necessary forms. This service is useful if you’ve lost or misplaced your original registration.

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Fine payments

Registry offices facilitate fine payments for various traffic violations and penalties. You can conveniently settle fines in person or sometimes online, ensuring compliance with legal obligations.

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Car Repairing

Out-Of-Province Vehicle Registration

When bringing a vehicle from outside Alberta, you’ll need to complete an out-of-province vehicle registration process. This includes providing identification, proof of ownership, safety inspections, and insurance.

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License Plate

Personalized License Plates

Personalized License plates allow you to customize your plate with a unique combination of characters. This service lets you add a personal touch to your vehicle, subject to availability and certain guidelines.

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Receive SMS or Email Renewal Alerts

Opting for SMS or email renewal alerts ensures you receive timely reminders about upcoming registration renewals. This service helps you stay on top of important deadlines and maintain active vehicle registration status and current driver’s License.

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Register Your Vehicle Online

Many vehicle registration services can be completed online, offering a convenient way to renew your vehicle registration and manage other related tasks from the comfort of your own home.

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Renew Alberta Vehicle Registration

To renew your Alberta vehicle registration, visit a registry office with your current registration, proof of insurance, and valid identification. You can also choose to renew online or receive convenient SMS or email alerts to remind you of upcoming renewals.

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Suspensions and Reinstatements

If your driving privileges have been suspended, registry offices can assist with reinstating your license once suspension requirements are met. This process involves resolving outstanding issues and fulfilling necessary conditions.

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Transfer Alberta Vehicle Registration

Transferring an Alberta vehicle registration requires providing proof of ownership, insurance, and identification. This process is essential when changing ownership of a vehicle within the province.

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Vehicle License Plates

Vehicle License plates are a crucial part of vehicle identification in Alberta. They display your registration number and expiry date while adhering to provincial design and placement regulations. You can obtain a License plate through us.

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Vehicle Registration

Vehicle registration in Alberta involves submitting necessary documents like proof of ownership, insurance, and personal identification at a registry office. This process ensures legal ownership of the vehicle and compliance with provincial regulations.

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