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Transfer Your Vehicle Registration in Alberta

Have you recently driven home a new, or new to you, vehicle? If you are replacing a vehicle or simply have one that is no longer in use, you can transfer the License plate from your previous vehicle to the vehicle you will now be using. If your vehicle registration is currently valid, you have 14 days to transfer the plate. Visit us in person to learn about transferring your registration.

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What you need to transfer your current registration to a new vehicle

To transfer your current registration, you’ll need to provide the following information:

  • Proof of ownership, such as a Bill of Sale or Lease Agreement
  • Previous vehicle registration (if available)
  • Proof of valid Alberta liability insurance (current pink card in the name(s) to appear on the vehicle registrations)
  • Acceptable identification
  • If there is more than one name on either the current registration or the ownership document, both signatures will be required
  • If you have a brand new vehicle, we require the original New Vehicle Information Statement (NVIS) that you received from your dealer when you purchased the vehicle. A faxed or photocopied document is not acceptable
  • Will (if changing registration to the estate of the deceased)
  • Your odometer reading (optional)

Need more information? Contact us at : 780-448-2233

Renew your vehicle registration for another year

Depending on your current expiry date, you may have the option to extend the term of your registration. You pay the renewal fee, but receive an additional 12 months and save on the transfer fee. A copy of your current Alberta liability insurance (pink card) will be required. Ask one of our registry agents for more information!

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Questions? We have answers!

Whether you’re changing vehicles, passing ownership to someone else, or considering a License plate transfer, we’re here to help ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, give us a call, and we can answer your questions.

Need more information? Contact us at : 780-448-2233

When you get another vehicle, you can either transfer the License plate and registration from another vehicle if the existing registration is in your name, or you can request a new License plate and registration.

You have the option to use your current License plate and vehicle registration for another vehicle within a 14-day period. During this time, you must carry your proof of ownership document and valid insurance until the registration and license plate transfer process is completed.

Please note that the 14-day period allowed for the transfer of License plate/registration does not apply to commercial vehicles and insurance documents.

If you’re moving to a different province, you’ll typically need to register your vehicle in your new province of residence. Alberta vehicle registrations are not transferable to other provinces. The specific requirements for vehicle registration vary by province, so it’s recommended to contact the relevant provincial authorities to understand the process and documentation needed for registering your vehicle in your new location.

Yes, if you’ve changed your name and need to update your vehicle registration to reflect the change, you can initiate a transfer. You’ll need to provide legal documentation of the name change, such as a marriage certificate or legal name change certificate, along with the other required transfer documents. Visit Registrations Are Us to complete the process and ensure that your vehicle registration accurately reflects your new name.

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