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Alberta Disabled Parking Placard

Alberta Disabled Parking Placards

Apply For Disabled Parking Permits in Edmonton

If you are having trouble walking more than 50 metres, you may be eligible for a disabled parking placard. A disabled parking placard enables those with the most need to park in specially designated parking facilities. To request a placard, speak with your medical practitioner or contact Registrations Are Us for an application form.

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What you need to apply for a parking placard

To successfully apply for a disabled parking permit, you must bring:

There are three types of placards:

  • Blue placards, which can be issued to those with long-term disabilities and are valid for five years
  • Blue placards, which can be issued to those with Permanent disabilities that can be self-declared every five years without the medical personnel’s signature
  • Red placards, which can be issued to those with disabilities that are temporary in nature, but will affect them for a period of three to twelve months (Note: A visitor in need may use their valid (non-expired) parking placard from their home jurisdiction during their vacation or visit to Alberta.)

Need more information? Contact us at : 780-448-2233

Unable to apply in person?

If you have never held an Alberta Operator’s License or been entered into the Alberta Registries System, the person applying on your behalf will also require 2 items of your personal identification, i.e. birth certificate, passport, citizenship card, and one item that shows your proof of residency – utility bill, land title document, etc.

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Questions? We have answers!

Certain rules and regulations apply for Alberta disabled parking permits. If you need more information before you apply, give us a call and we can help ensure a smooth application process.

Need more information? Contact us at : 780-448-2233

A disabled parking permit, also known as a handicap parking placard, is a special authorization that allows individuals with qualifying disabilities to park in designated accessible parking spaces.

Generally, individuals with mobility impairments, medical conditions, or disabilities that significantly limit their ability to walk may qualify for a disabled parking permit. Documentation from a medical professional is required to prove eligibility.

Permanent disabled parking permits are issued to individuals with long-term or permanent disabilities. Temporary permits are typically granted for a specific period, often related to the duration of a temporary disability, medical treatment, or recovery.

Disabled parking permits are non-transferable and intended for the use of the individual to whom the permit is issued. Allowing someone else to use your permit without you being present may be considered misuse and could result in penalties.

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