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Drivers License & Road Test Services

Drivers Licenses & Testing

Comprehensive Licence & Testing Services in Alberta

Whether you’re applying for your first driver’s licence or a new Alberta resident transferring your licence from another province, we’re here to guide you through every step of the process. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff can help you successfully obtain your Alberta driver’s licence.

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Alberta Drivers Abstract

An Alberta driver abstract is a record of your driving history and status. It provides information about your demerit points, convictions, and suspensions. This document is often required for various purposes, such as insurance or employment.

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Alberta Motorcycle License

A learner’s permit allows new drivers to gain driving experience under supervision before obtaining a full driver’s License. Holders must follow certain restrictions, including driving with a fully Licensed adult in the vehicle.

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Alberta Road Test

The Alberta Road Test is a practical examination that evaluates an individual’s driving skills and ability to follow road rules. It covers various driving scenarios to ensure candidates can navigate different traffic situations safely and confidently.

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Alberta Vehicle Seizure Program

Under the Alberta Vehicle Seizure program, vehicles can be seized for certain driving-related offences. This program aims to deter irresponsible driving behaviour by imposing consequences on offenders.

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Application for a Suspended License Hearing

If your driver’s License has been suspended, you have the right to request a hearing to appeal the suspension. The application process involves submitting relevant information to the appropriate authorities.

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Change of name/address for Alberta Drivers License

If you’ve changed your name or address, you must update your driver’s License accordingly. Visit our registry office with appropriate documentation to ensure your License information is accurate.

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Drivers License Handbooks

Driver’s License handbooks provide essential information about road rules, traffic signs, and safe driving practices. These resources help individuals prepare for their knowledge tests and become responsible drivers.

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Drivers Licenses

Driver's Licenses in Alberta are legal documents that grant individuals the privilege to operate a vehicle. They come in various classes depending on the type of vehicle and driving experience.

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Immediate Roadside Suspension (IRS) Program

The Immediate Roadside Suspension program allows law enforcement to suspend a driver’s License on the spot if they’re found driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The length of suspension varies based on factors such as blood alcohol concentration.

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Knowledge Tests

Knowledge tests are written exams that assess an individual’s understanding of traffic rules, road signs, and driving regulations. These tests are a prerequisite for obtaining various levels of driver’s Licenses.

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Learners Permit

A learner’s permit allows new drivers to gain driving experience under supervision before obtaining a full driver’s License. Holders must follow certain restrictions, including driving with a fully Licensed adult in the vehicle.

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Renew Alberta Drivers License

Renewing an Alberta Driver’s License is a straightforward process that involves updating your License with current information and ensuring you meet the necessary requirements. Renewals can often be done online or in person at our registry office.

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Replace a Lost/Stolen Alberta Drivers License

In case of a lost or stolen driver’s License, you can apply for a replacement at our registry office. You’ll need to provide identification and complete the necessary forms.

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Road Test Rental Car

For individuals who don’t have access to a suitable vehicle, our road test rental car can be used during the Alberta Road Test. Our rental car meets the necessary safety and insurance requirements and provides a convenient option for taking the road test.

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