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Reviving A Corporation in Alberta

Revival of An Alberta Corporation

Apply to Restore Your Corporation to an Active Status

If you’re seeking to bring your dormant or dissolved corporation back to active status, our expert team is here to guide you through the revival process step by step. We understand the complexities involved in revival applications and are committed to making the process efficient and hassle-free for you.

The revival process involves specific documents and forms that need to be accurately completed and submitted. Our team will assist you in preparing and reviewing all necessary paperwork, ensuring compliance with Alberta’s corporate regulations.

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What you need to revive an Alberta corporation

Our team is well-versed in Alberta’s corporate regulations and revival procedures, ensuring your application meets legal requirements. We will handle the submission of your revival application to the Alberta Corporate Registry and ensure that all required documents are properly filed.

To revive your corporation in Alberta, you’ll need the following:

You also need to bring:

  • One piece of acceptable personal identification

Questions? We have answers!

With our support, you can navigate the revival process efficiently, minimizing delays and potential complications. Come to us with any questions, and we can provide clarification through every step of the process.

Need more information? Contact us at : 780-448-2233

Reviving a corporation in Alberta refers to the process of restoring a corporation’s status from a state of dissolution or dormancy back to active status. This involves submitting a revival application to the Alberta Corporate Registry and fulfilling certain legal and financial requirements.

There are various reasons to revive a corporation, such as resuming business operations, maintaining brand identity, utilizing existing Licenses or permits, or addressing any remaining assets and liabilities. Revival allows you to bring the corporation back into good standing and continue its activities.

In general, dissolved corporations can be revived, but the eligibility depends on factors such as the reason for dissolution, the duration of inactivity, and compliance with legal obligations.

The time required for revival can vary based on factors like the complexity of the corporation’s history, the completeness of documentation, and the processing time at the Alberta Corporate Registry. Generally, the process may take up to five business days.

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