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Please note All Registry Offices will be CLOSED on the 2nd Sunday of every month due to mandatory Government system upgrades. Our regular hours resume on Monday!

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Driver’s Licenses

Get Your Driver’s License in Alberta

In order to get your vehicle License, you are required to take an exam on our computer. All the questions involve multiple choices. The test is conducted in our office during our regular office hours. Appointments are not required, and exams are taken on a first come, first serve basis.

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What you need to apply for an Alberta driver’s License

To apply for an Alberta driver’s license, you will need to provide certain documents and meet specific requirements, including:

  • Personal identification
  • Proof of residency  – This can be a utility bill, lease agreement, or bank statement that displays your name and current address in Alberta.
  • Proof of legal presence – If you’re not a Canadian citizen, you’ll need to provide proof of your legal presence in Canada, such as a valid work or study permit.
  • Driver’s Medical Examination (if applicable)
  • Parental consent (if under 18)
  • Previous driver’s license (if applicable
  • Payment

You’ll also need to pass the required tests:

  • Knowledge Test
  • Vision Test
  • Road Test: For a Class 5 (basic) driver’s license, you’ll need to pass a road test that evaluates your practical driving skills.

Need more information? Contact us at: 780-448-2233

We are now taking bookings for Road Testing

Passenger vehicle road tests ( Class 4-6) will be delivered by private driver examiners through our registry. You can either book your road test online or come in and we will assist you in booking your appointment.

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Questions? We have answers!

Obtaining a vehicle License is a time-consuming process. Registrations Are Us in Edmonton can help you tackle the License test in a hassle-free manner.

Need more information? Contact us at: 780-448-2233

If you are over the age of 18, it is compulsory for you to submit proof of residency in Alberta. Some of the documents accepted are:

  • Credit card or bank statements which are less than 90 days old
  • A house rental agreement from a third-party property management company
  • Land or property assessment documents in your name
  • Letter of employment from an Alberta-based company – the letter cannot be accepted if over 15 days old
  • Personal tax assessment – it should be the most recent and issued by Canada
  • Mobile phone bills

Yes. This is only available to individuals who have applied for a License which is a class 3, 6 or 7. The requirements required to become a translator for the knowledge test are that the individual should have a translator identification number (TIN).

He or she should also be currently certified or accredited translators from:

  • Alberta Court Interpreters Association
  • The Alberta Chapter of Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (ACRID)
  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing Society
  • The Association of Translators and Interpreters of Alberta
  • Canadian Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters Council (CTTIC)
  • >The Association of Visual Language Interpreters of Southern Alberta (AVLISA)
  • Centralized Interpreter Services (CIS) – Edmonton area only
  • International Federation of Translators

Yes. There are some issues that can impact your eligibility to undertake an Albert road test, including:

  • Age
  • Reinstatement conditions
  • Unpaid fines
  • Medical conditions
  • Guardian consent
  • Proper documentation
  • Condition codes

You can either bring your vehicle, or we can rent you a late-model vehicle with automatic transmission. If booking online, contact us to check availability of the rental and arrive 45 minutes early to check in and pay. The safety standards required by a vehicle are:

  • Working brake lights, headlights and signal lights
  • Working horns
  • Working speedometer
  • Brakes should be in great condition
  • Quality windshields
  • Working seat belts
  • Steering should be steady
  • Exhaust systems should not be leaky
  • Adequate side and rearview mirrors
  • Enough fuel for 60 min road test.
  • Current registration and insurance documents
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