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How to Renew Your Driver’s License in Edmonton

Renew You Driver's License in Edmonton

More than half a million driver’s license renewals in Alberta are processed yearly. For drivers, renewing their license on time is necessary to avoid suspension or fines, and those fines can cause insurance premiums to rise, making for a very expensive mistake. 

Thankfully, the renewal process is straightforward if you’re prepared. Alberta licenses expire every one to five years and can be renewed up to one year in advance, giving drivers a buffer to maintain their legal driving status. There’s also a six-month grace period after the expiry date, allowing drivers to renew without retesting; however, driving isn’t permitted with an expired license until the renewal has been completed. Drivers who wait longer than six months to renew are required to re-apply for their license and take their driver’s test again.

Driver’s License Renewal Eligibility

Eligibility hinges on Alberta residency, age, and license class specifics. For instance, commercial licenses require in-person renewal, whereas classes 3, 5, 6, and 7 can be renewed online as long as the license hasn’t expired yet and there aren’t any changes to the name, address, or medical conditions. 

Documents required to renew your license include your current license or passport, a secondary ID to corroborate your identity, and proof of Alberta residency. Renewal fees vary depending on the term length. Seniors who are aged 75 and older must renew every two years and submit a medical report to confirm that they’ll be safe on the road. 

The Renewal Process: Online vs. In Person

The renewal process differs slightly between online and in-person options. Online renewal offers convenience and typically costs less, but as mentioned earlier, it’s limited to non-expired licenses without changes. In-person renewal is necessary if you’ve moved, changed your name, or been diagnosed with a new medical condition that affects your driving. 

Efficient Driver’s License Renewals in Edmonton

If your license is expiring this year, renewing before the expiry date is in your best interest. Before you visit the registry for your renewal, ensure you’ve prepared your necessary documents, including a medical report if you’re aged 75 or older. 

For fast, efficient driver’s license renewals in Edmonton, visit Registrations Are Us at 16658 109 Ave NW or contact us for more information.

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