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How to Incorporate Your Business in Alberta

Incorporate A Business in Alberta

Incorporating your business is an important step that protects your personal assets and can help legitimize your business. As the head of an incorporated business, creditors who’ve loaned money to your business can’t go after your home, vehicle, or other personal property to cover business debts, even if your business defaults on its obligations.

At Registrations Are Us, we can walk you through how to incorporate a business in Alberta and help you complete and submit documentation to finalize the process.

Determine Your Business Entity Type

The type of entity you choose determines how your company is structured and how it operates. In Alberta, the types of business entities you can incorporate include:

  • Sole proprietorship: A business owned by a single person.
  • Partnership: A business where two or more people share the business equally, including ownership, profit, loss, and work responsibilities.
  • Limited liability partnership: A partnership in which one partner is not responsible for the negligence, wrongdoing, or misconduct of another.
  • Corporation: A business that’s registered as an independent entity/its own person, giving it the power to buy, sell, and own assets.

Choose Your Business Name

Your business needs to be unique, which means it can’t be shared with any other names in Alberta. To ensure your name is available, you’ll need to purchase a Newly Upgraded Automated Name Search (NUANS) report from Registrations Are Us, which will provide you with a list of registered business names and trademarks with similar names.

Your business name will need to include an appropriate description and legal designation. For example, if your business is incorporated as a limited liability partnership, you’ll want to include the abbreviation LLP at the end of the name.

File Your Articles of Incorporation

Your Articles of Incorporation is a document that outlines the rules governing your business. It should include any relevant regulations, the business’s purpose, and vital information such as:

  • The registered business address
  • Names of directors
  • The nationality of your board of directors

Registrations Are Us can help you complete and file your Articles of Incorporation once you’ve selected and verified the eligibility of your business name.

Incorporate Your Business in Edmonton

You can apply for incorporation in Edmonton at Registrations Are Us. Our helpful agents will give you the information and assistance you need to complete the process with ease.

Visit Registrations Are Us at 16658 109 Ave NW or contact us for more information.

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