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Different Types of Personal Property Lien Searches in Alberta

Personal Property Lien Searches

A lien search can help you determine if someone has a legal claim against a property in Alberta. You may want to search your own property if you’re suspicious that someone’s placed a personal property lien against it, or you may want to search someone else’s property that you’re considering purchasing to ensure they’re legally entitled to complete the sale.

In Alberta, you can conduct several types of personal property lien searches.

Search for Business Name

A business name search helps you locate securities filed against the business name, including personal property liens. When conducting a business name search, the full legal business name must be used, or the search may return inaccurate information.

Search for Individual Name

A search for an individual name returns details on any securities charged against a person, including personal property liens. This type of personal property lien search is most successful when using the person’s full legal name and date of birth; however, the date of birth is not required to conduct the search.

Serial Number Search

If you’re interested in uncovering any liens against a vehicle or another piece of personal property, a serial number search can return that information. To conduct this search, you’ll need the serial number and a detailed description of the item you’re searching.

Why Are Liens Placed on Personal Property?

In Alberta, liens can be placed on a property when the owner has an outstanding debt on funds owed in relation to the property. That might include money owed on a vehicle or repairs/modifications conducted on it, or money owed to a contractor who’s completed work on a home and not received full payment. The property acts as collateral for the debt, ensuring the creditor is able to recoup their funds.

What Happens if There’s a Lien on Personal Property?

If there’s a lien placed on personal property, the person or business that’s filed the lien is granted possession or partial ownership of that property until the lien is removed. In the event money owed is not paid to the creditor, they have the right to seize and sell the property to cover any outstanding debt.

Conduct a Personal Property Lien Search

If you need to conduct a personal property lien search, Registrations Are Us can help. The Alberta Personal Property System is available to conduct searches during designated business hours, Monday through Sunday.

Conduct your search online or contact us for help.

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